PixelPin is changing the way we log in forever. Online authentication shouldn’t be frustrating and boring. We developed PixelPin in order to make logging in online fast, easy, safe and most importantly, fun.

Our story

No. More. Passwords.

That’s our mission. That’s why we developed PixelPin, the password-free online authentication solution: To safely remove the need for passwords when logging in online.

The use of traditional passwords causes pain for everyone.

For users, who forget their passwords and waste precious time resetting them. Or who choose simple ones so they’ll be able to remember them, and reuse them, only to find they’ve been hacked by cyber criminals who love nothing better than a simple password.

And for businesses, who lose valuable custom (and good will) on their websites when people can’t remember their password and become frustrated and give up or buy elsewhere. For businesses, also, who don’t want the responsibility of providing a robust authentication function on their websites, and looking after the authentication security data. And who would?

Enter PixelPin.

So we decided to shake up the world of online authentication. We completely scrapped alpha numeric passwords and using our team’s 30+ years of internet security expertise, we developed an image-based authentication solution instead - PixelPin.

PixelPin received an injection of Venture Capital funding from SBI (formally SoftBank Investments) bringing the lifetime funding to £4.5 million, and was invited to take part in the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)’s Cyber Accelerator programme (part of GCHQ), all of which propelled the business forward.

PixelPin is now in conversation with some of the biggest household name retailers and online communities - brands that you will instantly recognise as bold, innovative and leaders, who are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, and to bring benefit to their customers.


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Join us. Give your customers or members a truly memorable, truly secure login experience. 

PixelPin is simple. It’s really just a matter of clicking four passpoints on a picture, in a particular order, to log in to any website. 

PixelPin is memorable. Science and extensive user testing both agree that people don’t forget their passpoints, because images are easy to recall, and because the pictures have personal meaning.   

PixelPin is secure. From the entropy of our 1000 x 1000 image system, to the robustness of our data security and  encryption protocols, our platform is uniquely secure.  

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