PixelPin Developer Documentation

Getting the most out of PixelPin

Updated March 13th 2017


In order to give your users the best possible experience with PixelPin it’s important to make PixelPin ‘fit’ well into the user journey on your site.

We’ve worked closely with some of our customers to successfully contextualize PixelPin and we’re happy to share some hints and tips with you below:

Introduce PixelPin

Introduce PixelPin during your sign up journey so users can understand its benefits and be encouraged to use it.

Options for signing in

Think about how the PixelPin login will appear on your site. Some customers prefer to use an icon, others a more direct link.

Make life easy for your users

PixelPin users can change their picture or Passpoints at any time, this can be done directly at https://login.pixelpin.io/

You can help your users find this easily by providing a direct link to https://login.pixelpin.io/ somewhere on your site, preferably under the user account or profile.