Hints & tips -
how to choose a good picture

PixelPin is an image-based login platform, and it’s highly secure, whichever picture you choose.

Whether you use one from our selection, or you upload something of your own, our high-resolution grid of possible  passpoints ensures that it’s virtually impossible for anyone to guess your PixelPin.

Make it meaningful

The best advice is to choose pics with lots of visual interest. Photographic images are best as they are rich in detail. Hand drawn illustrations or line drawings can be too simple and lack detail.

Use a photo that has a personal meaning, and points of significance which you can link in your mind with some logic or fond memory. Landscapes or cityscapes can be difficult due the sheer amount of detail on them – aim for something closer up to prevent confusion.

Do remember the sequence of the points, the order in which you click them is important, as you must click them the same way to log in every time. Here are some examples of the pictures which will work best:

  • A treasured family snap
  • A selfie with your friends
  • A beautiful holiday photo
  • Your favourite sports team
  • Music or festival memories
  • Your pet 

The easiest way to remember the points you click is if you can link them to some kind of story  – what was happening?, who did it happen to first?, why is their hand in that strange position, what was in that bag?, that’s his favourite place for a tummy tickle etc….

Make it simple

According to scientists, our ability to recall information is at its best when it’s a combination of pictures and words, so for example  if you had a picture of your friends and family on a walk, you could choose the dog, your children in order of name, and a point on the landscape

You can also apply logic when you select your points, for example alphabetically with the names of people or the ages of children, or the order you visited places in a city or the height of the  buildings in a city skyline.

Some people like to choose a map of somewhere they know well, or a public transport map such as the London Underground.

You couldn’t take a map of the world and just click anywhere on Russia for example, though – it must be a specific point. So, a city (if map scale is suitable), street or tube stop is the kind of thing you’re looking for.

There is obviously a certain tolerance built in to ensure you can click on your points correctly, whether using a mouse pointer or your fingertip on a mobile phone. But it’s only a small allowance to ensure security is not compromised.

There is also a helpful Zoom feature which allows you to zoom in and make sure you click exactly in the right place.

Make it work

The security of the log in is based on a grid of 1000 x 1000 pixels, so your image must be at least that size, and smaller than 15MB. The selector tool will crop a square from the centre of your image, so do start with a picture which has everything centrally positioned.

Get some inspiration

Here are some examples of pictures with great
scope for passpoints: 

Here, the four points could be each child’s goggles and the tip of the ski pole. Or the adults’ helmets, the ski pole and the mountain peak.

On this image, you could choose the loop on each cocktail stick, or four of the visible fingertips. 

Four favourite players’ noses or dominant foot. 

Your favourite parts of your favourite dinner, in order of preference?!

Pictures like this mean you can relive a
great event with memories from the day

You could choose to click on each
person’s left eye? Or ears?

Four tongues? Or the eyes of
you and your girlfriend?

You get the gist. It can be ANY photo, from your own album on your PC or phone, or a pic you choose online that you can create a story about.