You should start logging in with PixelPin because it is …. Simple!


We at PixelPin believe that modern authentication should be not only secure and innovative, but also very simple and quick. This will allow our clients think of and spend time on something more important and let us take care of their online safety. — Simple!
Following this, we have presented the technology in 4 easy steps:

So, first of all, PixelPin interface asks you to enter your email and select a picture. At this stage you have the option either to choose a picture from our carefully selected collection or upload your own. Then, you need to choose your passpoints, that will become your login. As you will need to reproduce them every time you want to log in — it is very important to remember them! Also, please use zoom function for choosing each point to know where exactly each point is located.
(If you would like to learn more about how to correctly choose a picture and passpoints — please explore our previous article →
At the third stage, you need to register your name and select a security question and its answer, to be able to recover the password if you forget it. At the final stage, PixelPin asks you to verify the email address by sending a 6-digit verification code. — That’s it!

You can test PixelPin service that is built on IOS and Android mobile operating systems:
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Contact us today if you have questions or want to integrate with PixelPin via email: