The authentication solution of the future

With PixelPin, businesses can integrate a unique technology that enables customers to seamlessly log into any website or mobile app. The innovative image-based solution allows for a quicker, more intuitive and more secure authentication method than traditional passwords.


PixelPin Authentication

PixelPin Authentication

Cloud/On premises

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PixelPin device based authentication

PixelPin device based authentication

FIDO certified

Integrate with PixelPin

Picture Authentication

Our pioneering technology adopts the highest encryption standards to authenticate the customer,  using a passpoints-coordinates sequence taken from a 1000x1000 pixel grid.

High entropy

PixelPin enables progressive security practices through high entropy results in both theoretical use, and actual consumer practice. The wide range of potential variations in images creates a greater combination potential than PINs, passwords, and biometrics.

Device Agnostic

In the growing digital age, your business needs a uniform solution across all platforms. Luckily, PixelPin works any device, enabling your customers to log in effortlessly to both your web and mobile applications.

Memorable & fast

When users log in with a personal picture, they create a unique and memorable experience, which is seen in our log in successful rate of 92%! With PixelPin, users only spend 4 seconds logging in, so they can get back to interacting with your interface.

Download our security papers

Find out more about PixelPin's new secure single sign-on authentication service. The revolutionary new technology that protects your business, making authentication simpler and safer for you and your users.


Selecting 4 precise points on a personalised picture ensures a far higher degree of security compared to an alphanumeric password. A set of passpoints cannot be copied from the database and it is virtually impossible to share!

Cost effective

As a software solution, PixelPin requires no specific hardware congifuration to function, unlike biometrics. And the distinctive, memorable nature means you'll save money on password resets, IT support fees and OTPs.

Latest Technologies

PixelPin is intergrated using OpenID Connect for web and mobile implementations. For native iOS and Android, a bespoke encrypted communication protocol is applied.

Easy to integrate

If a new authentication system is expensive and time-consuming, then it really isn’t worth it. Our software-only solution makes it quick and easy for us to adapt to any custom integration requirements.